Saturday, 21 May 2011

Dede Koswara: The tree man of Java

Dede Koswara, who had more than a stone of warts cut from his hands and feet in 2008, has suffered a setback after the bark-like growths that doctors removed began to grow back.

Tree man's roots return

Dede Koswara's warts are growing back only months after operation to remove stone of them from his body.

'Tree man' leaves hospital

Indonesian fisherman known as “tree man” returns home after successful surgery to remove bark-like growths covering his body.

'Tree man' almost died from disease

Dede Koswara, who earned worldwide celebrity as the Tree Man of Java, would probably have died if he hadn't sought hospital treatment for the growths.

'Tree man' talks about his condition

The "Tree Man of Java" is shown pressing buttons on his phone and eating a banana in new footage filmed since operations to remove 4lb of warts.

'Tree man' regains use of hands

The "Tree Man of Java" is now able to send text messages and eat from his hands after operations to remove growths from his hands and feet.

Tree man hopes to marry

The 'Tree Man of Java' is hoping to get married after doctors performed four major operations to hack away 4lb of warts.

Human tree to tell his harrowing story

The extraordinary story of a man whose skin condition has left him with tree-like growths on his hands and feet has been told on terrestrial TV for the first time.

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