Friday, 28 October 2016

Teenager has tongue is the size of a TENNIS BALL

A teenager with a tongue the size of a tennis ball fears going to sleep every night - in case he chokes to death on the huge organ.
Krzysztof Wegrzyn, from Grojec, Poland, was born with a haemangioma - a benign tumour in the blood vessels of his tongue.
Two attempts were made to remove the growth when he was a child but both had to be called off because of massive blood loss.
Condition: Krzysztof’s tongue is the size of a tennis ball 
Struggle: The teenager is hoping to have life-changing surgery on his tongue 
Now 18, Krzysztof’s tumour has grown so large it is close to blocking off his airway and he is struggling to speak.
But despite his problems there is still a chance he could live a completely normal life.
Krzsysztof explained: “I saw a boy from Norway who underwent an operation there and he looked great. You could not see that he had ever been ill.
Growth: Krzysztof’s condition makes it difficult for him to breathe 
"This is my biggest dream but I do not want to be disappointed.”
His family are now trying to raise £48,000 for a trip to the Zentrum Klinik fur Vasculare Maltformationen in Eberswalde, Brandenburg, Germany, where specialist doctors can remove the tumour.
If he gets the life-changing treatment, Krzsysztof said he would want to finish his studies, pass his driving test and see his dream of becoming a chef come true.

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