Tuesday, 3 April 2018

Lakshmi Tatma

A young baby was born in one of the most discussed about countries here at Unusual people. you guessed it India.  Lakshmi Tatma is now two years old and has taken her first steps after a life saving operation. The young girl was worshipped in her country and the ocals thought she was like a goddess because of her unusual medical condition.
She was believed by village locals to be a reincarnation of the goddess Lakshmi. At first her parents were hesitant to perform the operation whch would remove the additional limbs, however they quickly changed their mind after doctors advised the parents it would be difficult for her to survive into adulthood. The operation took a total of 27 hours to remove the remains of her parasitic twin. The parasitic twin used her body for nutrition and respiration although the young child was unable to move the additional limbs.  She has been featured on shows on television such as National Geographic and will require additional surgeries to correct her spine and feet which are pointed inward.
 Lakshmi has certainly lived quite the unusual and extraordinary life in her short span of two years.


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